The Little Hamster’s Big Step

Space Hamster
2 min readAug 20, 2022

The Space Hamster team has revised the principles of its place in the Solana ecosystem.

We have had enough time to try new ideas and now we know exactly in which direction we want to develop our project and the ecosystem as a whole.

We focused on developing web-games where HAMS and partner tokens will be used as in-game currency, thus we can create liquidity first of all for project coins and help other partners with that.

Also, over time, previously issued HAMS NFTs will be used in the applications.

No flashy presales and other mechanics to distribute the current number of tokens will be used, we appreciate our early holders who gave the project its first activity.

We also want to introduce you the first game, which will be released as soon as it will be brought to the final stage… to be honest we haven’t even decided on the name yet, so we will probably ask you for help with that

I will not talk about all the mechanics and intricacies in this post, it will be described later, just take a look

Playing field:

Game process:

I’m sure almost all of you are familiar with this game. And we are happy to start our journey of game app development with this game. A large number of mechanics and many add-ons are planned.
Now you’ll have something to do while waiting for the markets to move, or just spend the evening doing something useful.

Active subscribers and HAMS token holders will participate in the beta test long before the release.

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